We Have a Winner!

July 2, 2006


We are both back for show number six! Chris has her first week out of school and Mike is traveling again. I guess it is fitting that on show number six I talk about staying at Motel 6. We also have our question of the week and a winner for our book drawing. We also open a drawing for another book. This one will be popular, listen to find out the title. Lastly, apologies for the audio quality, I didn’t notice the popping p’s and breath noises until after I uploaded the show. I will make a few adjustments and the next one will be better.

Links from the show:

Tom Paul – Before You Know It (Magnatune) (iTunes)

Click Here to listen to the show

Email comments to: kidswifeworklife@gmail.com

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One Response to “We Have a Winner!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I just try to keep healthy snacks in the house. My current favorites are dried apple slices from trader joes, … and when I’m REALLY bad, which actually happens to be often lately, I’ve been buying lite icecream, at least I can have a serving, and feel only 1/2 as guilty. 🙂

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