Crickets to a Crowd

July 8, 2006


Chris andI have discovered that there are listeners out there. We have a book segment about a classic children’s book and share our thoughts about Mike’s brother and sister-in-law becoming first time parents. There is a discussion about parenting in front of other parents and a story from a listener. The next show might be a little late because our family will be starting our summer vacation tomorrow. However, I am sure we will be full of traveling adventures when we return. The drawing for the Cars Sticker Book is still open. Email or call if you want to be included the drawing.

Links from the show:

Crockett JohnsonHarold and the Purple Crayon

Beatrice Ericsson – Put a Little Love (PMN)

Click Here to listen to the show

Email comments to:

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One Response to “Crickets to a Crowd”

  1. Jason Tucker Says:

    Hi, I noticed you were talking about how many listeners you have. I may have a solution for you in terms of tracking clicks and listens. Both of my podcasts ( and as well as my buddy scott’s ( and use this plugin called Podpress that not only provide you with stats but it also allows your listeners to click a flash link to listen to your podcast on the website directly. I’m not involved in the development of this wordpress plugin (nor am I paid to tell people about it), but it works for our four podcasts and it may work for you too:

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