Too Many Gadgets

July 16, 2006


Mike is back from vacation, but Chris and the kids are still out of town. This show includes our book segment, my thoughts about the road trips I took when I was a kid compared to road trips today and a story about how losing a job may have been one of the best things things that ever happened to me. The drawing for the Cars sticker book is still open so send us an email if you want your name in the hat.

Links from the show:

Michael Bedard – Sitting Ducks

Shane Jackman – What I did on My Summer Vacation (Magnatune)

Thanks to Scott and Kass of This Married Life

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One Response to “Too Many Gadgets”

  1. Joe Says:

    We did a lot of road trips when I was a kid. We had a big family– 5 kids– so we had to make sure we were plenty prepared before leaving our home in the 1967 Ford Country Squire wagon.

    Each of us kids were responsible for bringing along whatever would entertain us, which typically meant comic books, coloring or “activity” books, decks of cards, and maybe a transistor radio with the little earphone and its twisty cable. (I’m showing my age here, but the Walkman wouldn’t be invented for several more years.) Comic books were the best– my favorites were the Archie, Dennis the Menace, and Sad Sack series.

    It was on these trips that I began two hobbies that took me through grade school and high school– drawing comics and writing. I still write, and I credit some of those car trips with helping me hone my style.

    As years passed, my elder siblings went off to college and didn’t make the family trips any more, which meant more room in the car for the ones who remained and more stuff to come along on the trip.

    When I look at what my kids have in the car when we take road trips, it’s very much what you described: iPods, Gameboys, etc. But as a nod to my youth, I always take the kids to the newsstand and buy them each a couple of magazines– and comic books.

    Great show!

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