Standing on Top of the World

August 7, 2006


Mike & Chris have an anniversary coming up and use this show to talk about our anniversary three years ago. We climbed a mountain, looked into the crater of a volcano and had a day to reconnect without the pressures of daily life. All the rest of our usual features are included. We hope you enjoy.

CORRECTION – Mt. St. Helens is open to climbing. Go here for more information.

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David Pelham – Sam’s Sandwich

Five Star Fall – Mercurial Girl (Magnatune)

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2 Responses to “Standing on Top of the World”

  1. Scott Says:

    Hey Mike and Chris,

    You asked for some tips from a family that goes to the Magic Kingdom at least once or twice a month so here you go. I hope everyone has a better time as a result as the place can be the epidome of “When Vacations go bad” if you are not prepared.

    1) You can (and should) bring your own food in. There are limits though. We went yesterday and were told that the huge ziplock of KFC (first time we ever went that fancy) we brought would not be permitted in the park.My wife asked for the official food policy for your listeners and ourselves. They said you can basically bring any snacks or anything that you can eat while walking around the park but they do not want people sitting at tables in the food areas with a picnic they brought from home. They specifically said that sandwiches are allowed in. There are picnic areas outside the gates with lockers which is still a way better option than buying the food inside. If you must eat at the park, go to Cal Adventure as the food is much better. If you must eat at D-land, New Orleans Square is the best but even more expensive than the rest. Oh yeah…Freeze your water bottles if you can so they are cold all day.

    2)Hit all the Fantasyland attractions (Snow White, Peter Pan, Dumbo) first thing in the morning if you have kids. People tend to go for the big stuff first so those rides are open. When it gets hot or later in the day, people just want to sit and chill so these rides are packed. Another good time for this is when a parade is going on if you are willing to miss the parade. They run twice a day so skip the morning one and go on the rides.

    3)There is a full baby-care center with changing rooms, supplies, feeding stations, air-conditioning and the nicest cast members (employees) in the place to help you. It’s on Main Street to the right as you are coming in. Ask a cast member and they will point the way. You can take your time with feeding and changing the baby in a nice, cool room as opposed to a crowded stall in some bathroom. The kids get stickers on the way out which is cool for them.

    4)Save “It’s a Small World” for when you are hot or tired as it is the longest and most air-conditioned ride there. The D-land Railroad is the next best choice for this.

    5) If you insist on taking your kid on the Haunted Mansion (we all do for some reason) and they freak out after the elevator part (they all do for some reason), you can leave through an escape hatch (we all do for some reason) before getting in the cars to see the main ride which will freak them out even more. I wish I could tell you something to keep your kids from freaking out but…It’s kinda scary for anyone under five. I wouldn’t even bother.

    6) The exception to this is Christmas where the whole ride is decked out in “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” stuff which is not really scary at all but that depends on your kid. On a side-note, if you can go to D-Land at Christmas some time, you really should, it’s amazing there and you should make it a point to do it at least once.

    7)In Toon-Town, there is an attraction called “Goofey’s Playhouse” where you can just sit and the kids run around playing on all the jungle-gym type stuff. It’s outside and hot but you can just kick-back while the kids are entertained.

    8) If you have kids that do not use strollers any longer, bring or rent at the park an umbrella-stroller anyway, or a double-version if you have two or more kids. THIS IS THE BEST TIP I CAN GIVE YOU TO KEEP YOUR KIDS FROM HAVING A MELT-DOWN. It took me several visits to figure it out. Over-stimulation, sugar, heat AND walking everwhere behind parents who are trying to get their money’s worth from their day at D-Land will kill their good-mood in no time and yours as well. You will prefer pushing them around all day, believe me, and it’s good exercise too.

    9) The souveniers are ridiculously over-priced and the kids are bored with them before they are out of the park. The best one for your money is the autograph books they sell that the kids run around getting all the charachters to sign. They can pick the one they want and they really believe that the signatures are from the actual charachter so they look througn it over and over long after you are home. Plus, you buy it at the beginning of the day before the souvenier shops are packed and you are waiting 45 minutes to spend $50.00.

    10) Finally for D-Land, if you have kids under 11 DO NOT go to Tom Sawyers Island. You will be on High-Alert the whole time making sure they do not get lost or stumble across one of the many sexual displays the teenagers think they are conducting in private. Seriously…a parents nightmare. If you are nostalgic and think you have to go…trust me, It’s not as much fun when you HAVE kids as when you were one.

    California Adventure:
    1) BEST TIP EVER! There is an attraction called “Disney Animation” in the Hollywood Backlot area that is just a big air-conditioned room with couches that you can hang out in while your kids watch scenes from Disney Movies and chase the lights from the ceiling around. They never want to leave! If they (or you) need a nap, this is the place. There are even a couple of cool attractions in there if you want to do something productive.

    2)The Sun-Wheel has stationary carts so you will not have to miss it for fear of putting your kids on the crazy-swinging ones. The view is worth it.

    3)I don’t care if you have kids and the line is an hour long…work it out between the adults and make sure everyone goes on Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It is seriously the best ride ever. You’ll be glad you did.

    4) Last but not least…They sell beer over in the Pacific Wharf area of the park! I’ll let the appalled reactions slide since I’m a parent myself but…take it from me… there is nothing better than a cold beer after everything that you have done today and it seems to take the edge off so you feel like hitting just a little more before you leave. They sell Mickey Mouse Pretzels too so the kids will be fine…have a beer…you’re on vacation.

    I’m sure I could go on longer but I thought this forum would have cut me off a long time ago. I hope anyone reading this makes a point to go to Disneyland for their vacation as it is the only place I know that is as fun for the parents as it is for the kids. You just have to know how to do it. Good luck!


    P.S. There is a cool website you should see if you really want to get the most out of your visit. Here is the link.

  2. Scott,

    That is great information. We could have used that before we left. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Mike & Chris

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